Howard “Howdy” McCann Jr.

Professional Announcer

Howard “Howdy” McCann Jr. is our lead company announcer. With over 30 years of airshow experience, there is no one more knowledgeable,  fun-loving, and entertaining in the business today. Howdy has announced from coast-to-coast as well as in Puerto Rico, announcing for most of the civilian performers in the industry today. He has worked with all of the major jet teams, parachute teams, and single ship tactical demonstration teams including the Esquadrilha da Fumaça.

Howdy has announced for military and civilian airshows from Montana to Florida and for crowds in excess of 1 million spectators.


35+ years of Aerial Event Announcing
35+ years experience as a Private Pilot
Military Airshows: 110+ since 1994
Beachfront and Airport Experience: YES
25+ years of Announcing with David Schultz Airshows
Honorary US Army Golden Knight
Private announcer of choice for many civilian and military performers.
USAF Positive Case Study Announcer for how to react to an incident
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Howdy McCann Jr working with our Airboss for Show Sequencing
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