Capt. John Schwartz, Grand Forks AFB

Let me begin by saying the support we received from David Schultz Airshows was nothing short of phenomenal. Early on in the air show planning process, I discovered that being an experienced military aviator and an air show attendee was not nearly enough experience to coordinate air and ground boss activities at an air show. I can say without a doubt that we would have gladly paid double for the service and support that we received in the months prior to and during the actual air show. The support we received was exceptional from day one and the guidance and connections provided by David Schultz made my life significantly easier. Our FAA representative commented that he had never seen a more professional organization from the start of the waiver process all the way through the execution of the air show. On the air show practice and performance day, having the David Schultz’ air boss, ground boss and announcer allowed me to completely focus on all of the other issues/emergencies that inevitably arose.  The announcer was nothing short of outstanding and I received numerous compliments on his professionalism.  The hardest thing for military organizations to accept is that they are not experts in everything related to air shows. I can honestly say that there are very few people in the military or civilian community with the abilities and experience to match what David Schultz Airshows provides. It was definitely money well spent.