David Schultz Airshows is commonly asked questions about how our company operates.

Does David Schultz Airshows take commissions, royalties, or any funds from Performer Contracts?

ANSWER: Absolutely NOT. In our 30+ year history, we have NEVER taken a single penny from any Performers, Support Service Providers, nor Contractors. To do so, would be dishonest in our book. While we do get discounts from some performers for booking them at multiple venues during an airshow season, we have that savings passed onto the EVENT so that the EVENT can get another performer, hotel room, rental car, or other airshow expense covered.

Is Membership in ICAS (International Council of Airshows) required for any Airshow Contract?

ANSWER: NO. As ICAS is a private, paid membership at the discretion of the Board of Directors of who can be a member, and as an Association that has NO Governmental Regulatory nor procedural authority, the US Government nor any governmental organization can mandate as a qualifier of a contract that a person or business be a member of ICAS. This has been determined by numerous USAF and USN Legal Offices over the past decade.

Do the Airboss Certifications come from ICAS?

ANSWER: NO. While ICAS may currently administer the program for Airboss Certifications, the actual Certifications come from the FAA and on FAA official letterhead.

Does David Schultz Airshows have a poor reputation in the Airshow Industry?

ANSWER: NO. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, our 30+ years in the Airshow Industry has shown that David Schultz Airshows has the deep respect of the FAA, US Military, Demo Teams, Airshow Performers, and Show Locations. The fact that we have been in the business for over 30 years, shows that we have the integrity, honesty, ethics, professionalism, and the talent that has and continues to garner a strong and positive reputation within the Airshow Industry. To this day, we are sought after annually to be the Airshow Ops Team and Coordination Consultants and Company for over 2 dozen airshows all across the Globe. For the past decade, our organic growth has seen our Company not only maintain our current client base, but also ADD 4 to 8 new locations annually. Our motto “Tops in Ops” was originally born by a member of the USN Blue Angels. FAA FSDO IICs continue to be impressed with our Personnel as well as our Professional Operations. Airshow Performers also deeply respect our Company for taking care of their needs and watching out for their Safety. From Announcers and Airbosses, to Demo Team Projos and Ground Ops, David Schultz Airshows is considered within the majority of the Industry as the Best in the Airshow Industry.

Does David Schultz Airshows use subcontractors or Volunteers for our Operations?

ANSWER: Absolutely NO. ALL of our Airbosses, Announcers, Ground Operations, and Demo Team Projos are PAYROLLED Employees. While it is well known that other Airbosses will bid shows then swap out Airbosses with another individual Hobbyist or even with another Company’s Airboss, this will NEVER happen with David Schultz Airshows. We have seen numerous times in just the past few years, where one Airboss will be awarded a contract, but not self perform the contract. This is not only dishonest but unethical. It can also be dangerous and violate the actual Airshow Services Contract. We have also seen this with numerous Air Show Announcers as well.

Has David Schultz Airshows’ Airbosses ever lost their FAA Airboss Accreditation/Certifications or had them revoked?

ANSWER: NO. While one Airboss Company lost their FAA Accreditation following a severe and multi-fatality airshow accident in November 2022, all FOUR of David Schultz Airshows Airbosses have always maintained their Certifications with the FAA. NONE of our Airbosses have ever been, nor are currently, under any NTSB Accident Investigations.

What are the backgrounds of the Personnel of David Schultz Airshows?

ANSWER: David Schultz Airshows personnel come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring some unique perspective to our Company. We have an Aeronautical & Mechanical Engineer, Accountant, Radio Media/Marketing, YouTuber, former US Military Ground and Aircraft Handler Personnel, Media Tellie Award Winner, Public School Maintenance Supervisor, Construction/Home Builder, International Recognized Museum Researcher/Curator, Medical Device Professional, Computer IT Specialist and Business Owner, Hot Air Balloon Pilots, Police Officer, Aviation Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic, Real Estate Agent, and many more skill sets that make up the Professional Team of David Schultz Airshows.

What has David Schultz Airshows done in our history for the betterment of the Airshow Industry?

ANSWER: For over 30+ years, we have done numerous things for the betterment and improvement for the Airshow Industry.

  1. In the early 2000s, David Schultz Airshows developed a standardized approach to Airshow Operations and Safety. To this date, we continue to use this standardized approach to our Airshow Operations. This was recognized in 2014 with the FAA Eastern Region Administrator’s Award for Safety. To this date, our Company is the only Civilian Airshow Company to get this Award from the FAA.
  2. David Schultz Airshows has provided assistance to airshow performers for submittal of WAWF invoice for payment of DOD Contracts. We have done this as a courtesy and at no charge to assist the performers with quicker payment from the US Government.
  3. David Schultz Airshows has developed and maintains at NO COST to any airshow performer or Airshow Event (whether a Schultz Airshows’ supported event or not) the largest listing of Performer Emergency Extraction information in one location on our website.
  4. David Schultz Airshows has assisted non-Schultz Airshows Events with creation and submittal of DD235 and DD2536 forms for their events.
  5. David Schultz Airshows has assisted the Military Demo Team and non-Schultz Airshows Events with location of Ground Support Equipment and JOAPS locations for their events. We do this as a courtesy to the Military Demo Teams that support our Schultz Airshows Events.
  6. David Schultz Airshows has offered our decades of Knowledge, Expertise, and Lesson Learned in dozens of Airshow Services Areas to ICAS for Roundtables, Discussions, and Classes during their annual Convention. Only on a few occasions has ICAS Management utilized our Professionals for these occasions while allowing other ICAS members to have multiple opportunities to give the Membership the valuable lesson learned and knowledge that the dozens of David Schultz Airshows Employees also hold. Since 2010, we have offered our expertise to ICAS no less than 2 dozen times only to be obstructed by ICAS Management. While performers, event organizers, and others ask why David Schultz Airshows’ Expertise is not shared with the ICAS Membership, those questions should be asked of ICAS Management, as they are the ones that decide to not include our vast array of Company Experiences to the members. We believe that this is a huge mistake on the part of ICAS and a disservice to the membership.
  7. Based upon our strong and positive reputation throughout the Aviation Event Industry Sector and with Governments around the World, David Schultz Airshows has helped develop Airshow Regulations for numerous other Countries in the World. Utilizing the lessons learned from past accidents and incidents as well as good practices seen throughout the Airshow Industry here in the United States, David Schultz Airshows has used current FAA 8900 practices as a go-by for the development of these new Regulations for several Countries and continue to work with several Countries on new Airshows in the future.
  8. David Schultz Airshows commonly is asked by Companies and Associations to develop new events related to aviation activities. From new Air Races to EVTOL Technology Demonstrations, Schultz Airshows has worked and continues to work with regulatory agencies like the FAA on these endeavors. David Schultz Airshows is known for working with Companies and Associations on these new events and technologies for the betterment of public understanding of the new technologies and for the continued public interest in Airshow and Aviation Events.