Mike McFarland

Professional Announcer
Email: mmcfarland@schultzairshows.com

Mike is our second staff announcer and is highly knowledgeable on warbirds and vintage aircraft histories. He is a very entertaining emcee for any aerial event. Mike has over 30 years of airshow experience; the past 15 years with Schultz Airshows.

Announcing for military and civilian airshows from Alaska to New Jersey and for crowds in excess of 300,000, Mike has worked with all the major jet teams, parachute teams, and single ship tactical demonstration teams including the PACAF F-16 Viper Demo Team.


30+ years of Aerial Event Announcing
20+ years experience as a Private Pilot
Military Airshows: 45+ since 2004
Beachfront and Airport Experience: YES
15+ years of Announcing with David Schultz Airshows
Private Announcer of choice for Randy Ball and many others.
Recipient of Distinguished Announcing Award from TORA TORA Group
Voiceover for numerous commercials in south Texas
Tellie Award Winner
Hometown: Houston, Texas

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