Multi-Venue Airbosses

David Schultz Airshows has FOUR FAA Recognized Multi-Venue Airbosses on staff for airshows worldwide. Trust David Schultz Airshows as we have true international experience, have worked with all the Major Jet Teams, single ship tactical demo teams, and major parachute teams. We have the Tools and the Talent at all levels of our operations for your Airboss Services.

The choice of Airboss is the most important decisions an airshow committee can make. Expertise is paramount in producing a safe, family oriented event that is also entertaining. Airshow control requires experience in the timing required for scheduled commercial air-carrier arrivals and departures, warbird group flights and pairings which involve multiple aircraft and proper radio protocol.     We are the industry experts in laying out airshow aerobatic boxes whether on beachfronts or at airports.

Our expertise includes Aerial Events for the past 30+ years in some of the most complex Air Space in the World today. We have safely and effectively coordinated airshow operations in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, San Juan, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia Air Space and in many other areas.

David Schultz Airshows has the ability to support multiple airshows in a single weekend.

Professional Grade Communications & Weather Observation Equipment

Tools & the Talent

Investments in training and the proper equipment, makes David Schultz Airshows’ Airbosses the best in the business. Well respected by Airport Authorities, Military Bases, Chambers of Commerce, and Commercial Airports, we are known for our excellent SAFETY Record which is second to none in the Airshow Industry, our on-time percentage in keeping events under our control. Our attention to detail keeps our Airshows very entertaining.

Professional Aviation Grade Weather Observation Equipment

David Schultz Airshows owns and operates multiple leading edge aviation-grade weather equipment such as the Columbia Weather Systems Orion Weather Stations as well as new proprietary real-time Weather Radar. This enables the operations staff of David Schultz Airshows to relay information such as current altimeter, density altitude, winds, temperature, local forecasts, precipitation forecasts, radar data, and heat index to all participants in the event. This provides an added level of safety to your event that no one else in the business has today.

High Power Dual-Band (VHF/UHF) Equipment with ranges in excess of 200 miles

A Professional Airboss must also own and know how to operate the proper equipment in order to assure safe and reliable operations during all aspects of the aerial event. We OWN our equipment unlike others in the business.  Our company has invested heavily in numerous UHF and VHF Radios for backup during all events. Our Base Station Radios have been retrofitted for extended range and our Base Antennas are the best Professional Grade equipment on the market. We also operate numerous VHF Handhelds for mobile Airboss operations. For Waterfront aerial events, we own and operate Professional Grade Marine radios.

Schultz Airshows’ ADS-B and Weather Radar.

Subject Matter Experts

Our Airbosses are considered as Subject Matter Experts with regards to the FAA Regulations and FARs that govern Aerial Events. We not only work airshows, but also parachute exhibitions, flyovers for raceways and other events.

The Airboss writes the actual show script working closely with an Airshow Committee, airport personnel, and sponsors. The job involves both safety and showmanship, plus the ability to plan an entertaining and awe-inspiring Air Show. We also handle all FAA Waiver and TFR Coordination. The Airboss presents all pilot briefings during events and is the “FAA Responsible Person” on the Airshow Waiver. The Airboss must know all applicable government regulations regarding air displays and how to apply them throughout the entire operation. Our personnel participate in numerous Industry Regulatory and Airboss Training Initiatives each year. 

David Schultz Airshows handles the Emergency Extraction Plan Coordination with Rescue Personnel. Our database of performer aircraft information is one of the most extensive in the Industry today. Our company submits and reviews all Extraction Details with Emergency Personnel well in advance of the airshow. We work with each venue for the development of their Emergency Action Plan, Incident Action Plan, Security Forces Plan, and Communication Coordination Plan that is now required by the FAA for all FAA Waiver packages.

In 2013, David Schultz Airshows was recognized during the Federal Aviation Administration Eastern Region’s 30th Annual Awards Ceremony. The FAA noted that:

“David Schultz exhibits remarkable ingenuity in developing procedures that directly improve and positively impact safety at airshow events. He imposes a high standard upon himself and his staff. He is at the helm of one of the most professional and diverse companies in the airshow business. He tightly monitors, coordinates and executes every aspect of aviation events with consideration for the performers as well as the crowd. David makes safety his number one priority.”

Airshow Briefings

Considered by many in the DOD, FAA, and airshow performers as the best Airshow Briefing in the business today, these briefings are detailed and involve everything from safety measures, schedules, logistics, and frequencies to the aerobatic box dimensions, airspace restrictions, and numerous other items.

Briefing Performers for Complex Airspace & Venues such as during our 2022 Thunder over Dover AFB Airshow.

Attention to Detail

Whether its a first time event or one that has decades of historical precedence, David Schultz Airshows is detail oriented. Even small events can be complex. We have experience at Beachfronts which require staging aircraft from remote locations, water rescue considerations, Marine Management, and weather concerns both at the Beach and at multiple staging airports.

Beachfront Airshows require coordination of more than just Airport Assets.