Professional Ground Operations

David Schultz Airshows Professional Ground Operations Staff are highly trained in the following:

  • Ground Marshalling
  • Fuel & Oil Logistics
  • Tugging of aircraft
  • LOX , GOX, N2 Servicing
  • Air Start/Electric Start Carts
  • Smoke Oil Operations
  • Operational Envelopes of Military & Civilian Aircraft Warbird Operations & Warm-up Times
  • Pre-Flight of Aircraft
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Hangaring of Aircraft
  • Emergency / HAZMAT Response
  • FBO/Base Operations/T-Line Coordination
  • Airplane Ride Operations & Coordination
Our Ground Ops Team has decades of experience with Warbirds

One of the numerous Professional Services that makes David Schultz Airshows’ team of professionals “Tops in Ops”  by most of the performers, military bases, and FAA Flight Safety District Offices is our group of highly dedicated and experienced ground operations personnel. We have the best Ground Operational Specialists in the airshow business today with both civilian and military knowledge that will insure that your event runs on time safely as well as per all of the applicable regulations of the FAA, DOD, State Department of Transportation, or other governmental agencies.

These are the men and women that park your aircraft and are the first to welcome performers and display aircraft to your event. These dedicated men and women are the first and last people at your airshow site. Whether it is 5am or midnight, they are around for all aircraft arrivals and they stay for late departures after your event as well.

Our Ground Operations Specialists have been trained in all facets of aircraft operations. They are familiar with all types of aircraft, from Cessnas to Air Force F-22s and from B-17s to helicopters. They know and understand all aspects of the airshow waiver as well as the operational capabilities of the aircraft that are flying in your airshow as well as on static display.

The Ground Operations Specialists sequence your aircraft out of the hot ramp to the Airboss so that the airshow stays on time. Our Professionals also are knowledgeable in the aircraft ground equipment necessary for operation of the airshow aircraft. Many of our airshow staff are former military ground support personnel and bring decades of experience to our company. Our company also have developed numerous trusted relationships with military installations for use of their ground support equipment for military demonstration teams and other military aircraft.

Where aircraft fuel and the public meet, is not the place for the inexperienced. The airshow ground operations team must be able to properly react to and assess the severity of a ground emergency and direct the appropriate emergency response. If safety is at the forefront of your air show operations, then a professional Airshow Ground Operations team is an absolute must.

Mobile Smoke Oil Operations

David Schultz Airshows has made the continuous investment for multiple transportable and modularized smoke oil transfer systems for use at airshows utilizing our services. This spill-free, high speed pumping system has been used to the satisfaction of both airshow committees and professional airshow pilots throughout the world.   Transportable to anywhere in the world, these modularized systems allow for multiple aircraft to be smoke oil supported quickly and hassle free. 

Professional Ground Operations requires expertise in towing all types of aircraft.

Don’t be fooled by soloist Airbosses that try to control both the Air and the Ground at the same time. Distractions in the Air or on the Ground can severely compromise the safety of your event. Go with the trained and proven Professionals at David Schultz Airshows for complete operational safety for your patrons, performers, and sponsors.

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