Our Professional Services

Our Professional Services are the most comprehensive in the Airshow Industry today. We provide single services as well as combinations of all of the services below to help your event increase safety and efficiencies in your Airshow Plan.

Professional Airshow Airbosses (RAB-MV)
Professional Ground Operations

Professional Announcers
Total Airshow Coordination
Airspace Management Consultation
Event Social Media Coordination

Display Aircraft Acquisition 
Security/Traffic/Safety Consultation
Vendor Consultation
Computerized Mapping of Venue
DOD DD2535/1 CAD Coordination
Event Livestreaming
Budget Analysis/Consultation
NOTAM/TFR/Waiver Coordination
Jet Team Project Managers

Multi-Venue Airbosses

David Schultz Airshows has FOUR FAA Recognized Multi-Venue Airbosses on staff for airshows worldwide. Trust David Schultz Airshows as we have true international experience, have worked with all the Major Jet Teams, single ship tactical demo teams, and major parachute teams. We have the Tools and the Talent at all levels of our operations for your Airboss Services.

The choice of Airboss is the most important decisions an airshow committee can make. Expertise is paramount in producing a safe, family oriented event that is also entertaining. Airshow control requires experience in the timing required for scheduled commercial air-carrier arrivals and departures, warbird group flights and pairings which involve multiple aircraft and proper radio protocol.     We are the industry experts in laying out airshow aerobatic boxes whether on beachfronts or at airports.

Our expertise includes Aerial Events for the past 28+ years in some of the most complex Air Space in the World today. We have safely and effectively coordinated airshow operations in Atlanta, New York, San Juan, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia Air Space and in many other areas.

David Schultz Airshows has the ability to support multiple airshows in a single weekend.

Event Announcing

David Schultz Airshows have TWO of the most highly qualified announcers in the Airshow Industry for duties all over North America and the World. Both are award winning and have experience with military venues, beach fronts, and with crowds in excess of 250,000 spectators. Our Announcers have Jet Team and Parachute Team experience and have worked well over 25+ years each in the business.

Special attention will be given to your sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Aircraft are mentioned by type, squadron, and location, as well as any unique characteristics in which the public might find interesting.

Our announcers have flown with both civilian and military performers which give us a uniqueness when relaying information to the general public. Our Announcers are the sought after choice for the top-named Aerobatic Performers in the business today. Experienced in fast paced events and all types of aviation performances, our announcers are both entertaining and precise with their delivery styles.

Ground Operations

What separates us from the rest and makes us “Tops in Ops”  by performers, military bases, and FAA Flight Safety District Offices is our group of highly dedicated and experienced Ground Operations Personnel. Our staff is well versed on all regulations of the FAA, DOD, State Department of Transportation, or other governmental agencies.

Where aircraft fuel and the public meet, is not the place for the inexperienced. The Ground Operations Specialists sequence your aircraft out of the hot ramp to our Airboss. The airshow ground operations team must be able to properly react to and assess the severity of a ground emergency and direct the appropriate emergency response. If safety is at the forefront of your air show operations, then a Professional Airshow Ground Operations team is an absolute must.

David Schultz Airshows Ground Operations Staff are highly trained in the following:

  • Ground Marshalling
  • Fuel & Oil Logistics
  • Tugging of aircraft
  • LOX , GOX, N2 Servicing
  • Air Start/Electric Start Carts
  • Smoke Oil Operations
  • Operational Envelopes of Military & Civilian Aircraft Warbird Operations & Warm-up Times
  • Pre-Flight of Aircraft
  • Helicopter Operations
  • Hangaring of Aircraft
  • Emergency / HAZMAT Response
  • FBO/Base Operations/T-Line Coordination
  • Airplane Ride Operations & Coordination
  • Ground Support Equipment Coordination
Our Ground Operations Team has decades of experience with Warbirds

Jet Team Management

David Schultz Airshows has several Jet Team Project Officers who have worked with the US Navy Blue Angels, USAF Thunderbirds, Canadian Snowbirds, RAF Red Arrows, Esquadrilha da Fumaça, as well as nearly every major North American Military Parachute Team and Military Single Ship Tactical Demonstration Teams. Our Project Officers stay with the Jet Teams and assure that their needs are met and often exceeded. This attention to detail have the teams returning to venues and requesting our services.

Aircraft Acquisition

David Schultz Airshows began in 1994 as a military aircraft acquisition company for airshows throughout North America. Still today, we excel with our abilities to fill any airshow’s ramp with military and/or civilian aircraft from around the world.  We are highly respected by military commands and bases as well as hundreds of civilian aerobatic pilots and warbird owner/operators for taking care of their needs.  

As we work with numerous USAF Bases and Naval Air Stations each year, we are on a first-named basis with many of their Wing Commanders, Squadron Commanders, Schedulers, and Operation Officers. This enables us to get your event ahead of other events garnering aircraft from all over the world to you as a static display or flyover. Proven by 25+ years of success, we will fill your ramp with aircraft of all types while maintaining your airshow budget.

Total Event Management

Since 1994, our team of Airshow Professionals has provided locations worldwide with airshow services, including FAA Certified Multi-Venue Professional Airbosses, Ground Operations Specialists, Announcers, military & civilian aircraft acquisition, website development, FAA/DOD/TFR paperwork coordination, Airspace Management, computerized ramp layouts, and flyby coordination. We specialize in daytime airshows, twilight/night airshows, and flyovers at airports, military bases, parks, raceways, and beachfronts all around the world.

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