Steve MacCall-Carter

Ground Boss/Ground Operations

Steve has been with Schultz Airshows since the early 2000’s but his interest in aviation started long before that as a kid going to airshows and working local shows as a volunteer.  His knowledge of ground support equipment and support systems stems from his time in the US NAVY on the Transient Line as an operator and a trainer.  Steve’s familiarity with HAZMAT helped with the design and maintenance of Schultz Airshows’ portable smoke oil pump systems that ensures delivery of efficient, quick and consistent of smoke oil to performers. 

Having worked with everything from jets, helicopters, tail wheel aircraft, gliders and lighter than air aircraft for the past 35+ years has made ramp management easier when it comes to aircraft interaction.  Steve has worked airshows covering all types of venues including off-site, beach, military installations and night shows at many sites both inside and outside the United States. 

He considers it a huge compliment when working with a repeat performer and they are happy to see us running Ground OPS or if they have never worked with us but are visibly impressed with the service they received from our team.


34+ Year of Aircraft Handling Experience
Military Base & Civilian Airport Experienced
US Navy Avionics & Transient Line Experience handling all types of aircraft (military & civilian)
HAZMAT Response Trained
LOX and Fuels Servicing
Experience in Hot air Ballooning/Crewing
Beachfront and Airport Experience: YES
Twilight/Night Show Experience: YES
Military Base Experience: YES
Jet Team/Demo Team Experience: YES
SIDA Badged
Hometown: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Steve MacCall-Carter marshalling in a DC-3 for the static display at the 2023 Westmoreland County Airshow.