Event Ticketing


The Airshow Industry’s Premier Event Ticketing Solution

Airshows are family fun events that over 10 million spectators enjoy annually in North America. Hearing the Roar of Freedom and seeing some of the most technologically advanced aircraft in existence along with warbirds and mesmerizing aerobatic flying, draws folks of all ages to local airports, military bases, beachfront, raceways, and other locations for an afternoon of excitement. Happy Spectators (your customers), expect the Ticketing Process to be easy. That is why David Schultz Airshows is one of many Airshow Professionals that started TicketPony.

Whether you want printed tickets, Airline Boarding Pass Style Electronic QR Code tickets, or other styles of electronic ticketing, TicketPony is the most advanced system in Event Ticketing available today. With on-site personnel to help assist you with general admission, VIP, or Sponsor Ticketing, TicketPony is here to make the experience of your Airshow Fan a positive and memorable one.

What we provide:

  1. State-of-the-Art Website for event ticketing that integrates directly with the Event’s Social Media and Websites.
  2. All equipment and software necessary for processing on-site ticket sales and entry gate scanning.
  3. On-Site TicketPony Project Manager before and during your event.
  4. Support from TicketPony Customer Satisfaction throughout the time leading up to your event, during your event, and AFTER your event.
  5. Dedicated phone line to TicketPony Customer Satisfaction Department.
  6. The ability to rapidly text message and/or email your ticket holders with updates about the event.
  7. TicketPony enables merchandise sales, memberships to clubs/museums, and other revenue streams.
  8. Ability to ticketing upgrades, issuance of VIP tickets, and specialized parking arrangements.

Ticketing can also include specific remote parking options, upgrades to more than General Seating, food vendors, merchandise, donations to specific non-profits in which the event supports, and many more options. The customization specification with TicketPony is nearly limitless in order to meet and surpass the expectations of your Airshow Customer.

When using TicketPony, David Schultz Airshows has agreements with several Airshow Performers to discount their Appearance Fees by 10%. This is another perk for using TicketPony for your Event Ticketing Solutions.

The analytics with TicketPony is more advanced than any other option available to you today. This too can be customized for demographics. This enables the event to cross promote future events to your patrons that bought tickets for your Airshow.

Contact us today for a proposal to make your event an AWESOME Ticketing Experience!