Event Announcing

David Schultz Airshows have several highly qualified announcers for the Airshow Industry for duties all over North America and the World. They are award winning and have experience with military venues, beach fronts, and with crowds in excess of 250,000 spectators. Our Announcers have Jet Team and Parachute Team experience and have worked well over 25+ years in the business.

Special attention will be given to your sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. Aircraft are mentioned by type, squadron, and location, as well as any unique characteristics in which the public might find interesting.

Our announcers have flown with both civilian and military performers which give us a uniqueness when relaying information to the general public. Our Announcers are the sought after choice for the top-named Aerobatic Performers in the business today. Experienced in fast paced events and all types of aviation performances, our announcers are both entertaining and precise with their delivery styles.