Total Event Management

Since 1994, our team of Airshow Professionals has provided locations worldwide with airshow services, including FAA Certified Multi-Venue Professional Airbosses, Ground Operations Specialists, Announcers, military & civilian aircraft acquisition, website development, FAA/DOD/TFR paperwork coordination, Airspace Management, computerized ramp layouts, and flyby coordination. We specialize in daytime airshows, twilight/night airshows, and flyovers at airports, military bases, parks, raceways, and beachfronts all around the world.

Our company has over 550 years of combined aviation and airshow experience that is SAFE, proven, reliable, and dependable. Our professionalism and diversity is what makes our company “Tops in Ops” with military bases, civilian airport authorities, FBOs, military jet teams, the FAA, and airshow performers worldwide.

Event Venue Mapping

One highly unique service that David Schultz Airshows provides is to-scale venue mapping and aerobatic box mapping via AutoCAD with numerous other graphical platforms. This enables airshows to know how much fencing/barriers, chairs, tents, and other logistical items that you will need as well as the location of every aircraft and exhibitor. In addition to your static display areas, but we also map out the FAA required markers, and other items required for the FAA Waiver and the performer’s support manuals. Non-airport venues such as Raceways and Beachfronts are included as well.

Media & Marketing Coordination

David Schultz Airshows owns thousands of high quality video and photographs for use by any Airshow Marketing and Media Department. Our Company’s Director of Media & Marketing coordinates our efforts with the event’s media and marketing individuals onsite and will coordinate media rides, interview with the performers, website content, event ticketing options, and assistance with Opening Ceremonies.

For each one of our events, we create a Facebook Event Page. This social media presence updates your patrons, sponsors, and performers to the location of the airshow, event schedule, performer bios, parking and driving directions, sponsors, and much more. With our Livestreaming in 2022, many of the events will also be showcased for international viewing on-line via Starting in 2021 with most of our larger events, we also post a recap video on the Facebook Event Page as well as via our Schultz Airshows Youtube Channel.

Sponsorship Coordination

David Schultz Airshows works with dozens of airshow committees each and every year. Our expertise in budgetary consultation and management allows for the event committee to concentrate locally and regionally on sponsorships. We also work with several airshow performers who are also sponsored by national and international companies.

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