Aircraft Acquisition

David Schultz Airshows began in 1994 as a military aircraft acquisition company for airshows throughout North America. Still today, we excel with our abilities to fill any airshow’s ramp with military and/or civilian aircraft from around the world.  We are highly respected by military commands and bases as well as hundreds of civilian aerobatic pilots and warbird owner/operators for taking care of their needs.  

As we work with numerous USAF Bases and Naval Air Stations each year, we are on a first-named basis with many of their Wing Commanders, Squadron Commanders, Schedulers, and Operation Officers. This enables us to get your event ahead of other events garnering aircraft from all over the world to you as a static display or flyover. Proven by 30+ years of success, we will fill your ramp with aircraft of all types while maintaining your airshow budget.

When military participation is desired by an airshow site, the DD2535, DD2536, and 1 CAD paperwork necessary for Armed Forces participation from both Canada and the United States will be filed through David Schultz Airshows. Our contacts at hundreds of different installations and squadrons throughout the world enables David Schultz Airshows to place your Airshow as a top billed event in a very competitive airshow market.

David Schultz Airshows has hundreds of civilian performer contacts ranging from aerobatic teams and soloists, to warbird owners and flying museums. Much unlike others in the business, David Schultz Airshows does not get a commission for booking any civilian aircraft performers or aircraft at airshows. Our operational services are a flat fee charge covers all coordination of civilian aviation assets. 

All contracts between the civilian aircraft and performers are handled by the local airshow/airport management or sponsoring agency with payment directly from the airshow. Our staff reviews all contracts to protect from excessive requirements from aircraft owners with regards to oil requirements, hotel rooms, rental cars, avgas, and other logistical items.

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