Jet Team Management

David Schultz Airshows has several Jet Team Project Officers that have worked with the US Navy Blue Angels, USAF Thunderbirds, Canadian Snowbirds, RAF Red Arrows, Esquadrilha da Fumaça, as well as nearly every major North American Military Parachute Team and each Military Single Ship Tactical Demonstration Team. Our Project Officers are the ones that stay with the Jet Teams in order to assure that their needs are met and often exceeded which makes them happy and wanting them to return to the venue in future years.

The US Military, Canadian, European, South American, and other International Demonstration Teams all have specialized support manuals that specify the requirements that must be met in order to support them at an airshow. Our team of Jet Team Projos are considered by the Jet Teams, Parachute Teams, and Single Ship Demo Teams as the most detailed and communicative in the business. We’ve supported and continue to support the USN Blue Angels, USAF Thunderbirds, US Army Golden Knights, Canadian Snowbirds, RAF Red Arrows, Esquadrilha da Fumaça, Canadian Skyhawks, PACAF F-16 Demo Team, and all of the North American Single Ship Demonstration Teams. We arrive prior to the first member of the demo team arriving on site to make certain that all aspects of their Support Manuals have been met, including hotel/rental vehicle needs, ground support equipment, hangar needs, meal services, parking plans, media coordination, and the little details that make these Airshow Professional want to put you on their schedule at every opportunity.

Each one of our Project Officers have no less than 2 dozen airshows under their belts and the experience and attention to detail that the Demo Teams expect and demand from their performance venues. From reviewing, consulting on, and completing of Support Manual Appendices and Paperwork, to taking care of their catering, transportation, and other needs, our Professional Project Officers are the single source that knows everything necessary to make the Jet Teams keep focus on your event without distractions or problems.

2019 Southern Wisconsin AirFest in Janesville, WI featured the USAF Thunderbirds & Canadian Snowbirds

In 2010, our company coordinated THREE events with multiple jet teams: Atlantic City, Boston-Portsmouth, and Janesville. No other Company has this proven ability with such attention to detail and with the respect of the Jet Teams.

Since 2010, our company has multiple Jet Teams at no less than a dozen additional events around the world. Highly respected and with attention to every detail, our Project Officers have, and continue to, work with the Jet Teams and Demonstration Teams at Civilian and Military locations all over the world.

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