Only One Airshow Company is “Tops in Ops”

Since 1994, our team of Airshow Professionals has provided locations worldwide with airshow services, including FOUR FAA Recognized Airbosses – (Multi-Venue), numerous Ground Operations Specialists, TWO Announcers, Jet Team Project Managers, military & civilian aircraft acquisition services, event budget analysis, website development and maintenance, FAA/DOD/TFR paperwork coordination, Airspace Management, computerized ramp layouts, flyby coordination, event ticketing, VIP Management, and a whole host of other services that no one else in the business can provide.

Our highly qualified staff allows our company to be the only Professional Airshow Company that can support multiple venues at the same time. David Schultz Airshows has accomplished multiple airshow coordination, operations, and announcing at multiple venues nearly 3 dozen times since 2006 and has never compromised on safety, efficiency, or productivity. Multiple Airbosses, Ground Bosses, Announcers and the investment in the proper equipment enables us to do this safely and to the satisfaction of all of our Airshow clients.

Trust our Company of true Aviation and Event Professionals. With current economic and medical uncertainties abound, we have Qualified Backup Personnel and reliable equipment that give David Schultz Airshows stability in all areas of our Operations. With over 25 years of proven and dependable services, there is no doubt as to why Airshow Performers, Military Bases, Chambers of Commerce, City Councils, Airport Authorities, FBOs, Raceways, and the FAA consider David Schultz Airshows to be “Tops in Ops.”


The most organized and professionally run operation in the business. No stones are left unturned.

David Windmiller, David Windmiller Airshows

David Schultz Airshows is different from others in that they bring the key operatives. Ground ops, military liaison, announcer, airboss and such are ran by trained members of an organized team. It’s a complete package. When they are running a show I know it is going to go well.

Greg Koontz, Greg Koontz Airshows

The guys at David Schultz Airshows are unrivaled masters of airshow planning, coordination, and execution. They are exceptionally well qualified and experienced — from airboss, to ground ops, to announcer — and work extremely well as a team. When the unexpected happens at a DSA airshow, you can bet that a DSA guy will be on it and fixing it immediately. I enjoy performing at DSA airshows because I know that I won’t have to worry about how the show will be run — it will be rock solid!

Scott Francis, Scott Francis Airshows

Let me begin by saying the support we received from David Schultz Airshows was nothing short of phenomenal. Early on in the air show planning process, I discovered that being an experienced military aviator and an air show attendee was not nearly enough experience to coordinate air and ground boss activities at an air show. I can say without a doubt that we would have gladly paid double for the service and support that we received in the months prior to and during the actual air show. The support we received was exceptional from day one and the guidance and connections provided by David Schultz made my life significantly easier. Our FAA representative commented that he had never seen a more professional organization from the start of the waiver process all the way through the execution of the air show. On the air show practice and performance day, having the David Schultz’ air boss, ground boss and announcer allowed me to completely focus on all of the other issues/emergencies that inevitably arose.  The announcer was nothing short of outstanding and I received numerous compliments on his professionalism.  The hardest thing for military organizations to accept is that they are not experts in everything related to air shows. I can honestly say that there are very few people in the military or civilian community with the abilities and experience to match what David Schultz Airshows provides. It was definitely money well spent.

Capt. John Schwartz, Grand Forks AFB

David Schultz Airshows brings together every element needed for a successful Airshow. As a performer, having a consistent organization incorporating airboss, announcer, ground operations, sound, and real time weather makes a world of difference. You learn to expect certain things, kinda spoils you.

Jerry Conley, Vampire Airshows

I enjoyed meeting you this weekend. I was very impressed with your organizational and airboss operations. I have never been to such a well organized and pertinent briefing.”

Dave Wheaton, B-25 “Martha Jean”

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