Event Livestreaming

A New Way to Monetize & Grow your Air Show from Schultz Airshows!

Live streaming on social media can help expand the reach of your Air Show. A quality live stream will get shared and interacted with hundreds, if not thousands of times as they garner more online engagement when compared to other types of content.

Live streaming WILL increase the Value of Sponsorships.

Sponsors at the Air Show can get even more coverage if they expand their sponsorship to include the live stream. With countless ways to monetize the stream, there is a way to include everyone that makes it a win-win for everyone involved. Our livestreams also incorporate Title Sponsor recognition on the corner of the viewing window as well as a ticker along the bottom of the viewing window with other sponsors of the event. This is continuous exposure for your sponsors during the event as well not only to a local audience but also to an international audience!

Incorporate Viewers & Attendees

Build your social media pages and speak to fans in real-time! By reading comments and answering questions live, you will be catering to requests and questions directly from your viewers.

Learn about your Audience & your Performers

Learning about your audience is just as important as growing your audience. With real-time and post-show feedback, we can see what people thought of the show and know what to fix for the following year.

We also put our performers at the forefront of the Livestream. With intros prior to their performance, they get the “Hero” treatment with the viewing audience. Our livestreams also include a daily pre-show prior to the Airshow with local Sponsor Ads, performer interviews, Armed Forces Recruiter Ads, and other interesting event information.

Retain your Attendance

Airshows are fortunate to have a very loyal fanbase. The airshow will not lose ticket sales with a live stream but instead build awareness and market the airshow in a brand new way. This in turn will bring in more people for future Airshows. It will also help retain Sponsors for future Airshows!

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