Eric Miller

Ground Boss/Ground Operations/Flyover Airboss

Eric has been with David Schultz Airshows for 21 + years, controlling Ground Operations for airshows all across the country and the Dominican Republic. From military bases, large tower controlled  airports, and small non towered airports, Eric has provided Ground Operations support in various roles within the Company.  

He has worked beachfront airshows preparing and launching aircraft from remote airports to coordinate their on-time arrivals for performances at the remote locations including the Dominican Republic’s Air Force San Isidro Air Base in Santo Domingo.  He has vast experience knowing what the military teams, tactical demo teams, parachute teams, civilian performers and especially vintage Warbirds will need in order to tow, service, and prepare their aircraft for their performances.    

He also has coordinated numerous Flyovers and parachute jumps at Indy, NASCAR & MSA racetracks and MLB & NFL Stadiums across the country. Road America, Road Atlanta, Sonoma Racetracks are just a few of the events Eric has coordinated. He has also coordinated flyovers at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Met Life Stadium in New York, City Island in Harrisburg, PA and many more. 


20+ Years of Airbossing and Ground Operations with David Schultz Airshows
25+ Year of Aircraft Handling Experience
25+ Years of helping to produce airshows
150+ Airshows/Flyovers with David Schultz Airshows since 2001
Military Base & Civilian Airport Experienced
Vast Experience in all aspects of Ground Operations
Beachfront and Airport Experience: YES
Twilight/Night Show Experience: YES
Military Base Experience: YES
Jet Team/Demo Team Experience: YES
SIDA Badged
Member: 30+ year member of Mid Atlantic Air Museum and Ground Operations Boss for their WWII Weekend Event
Hometown:  Reading , Pennsylvania

Eric Miller conducting Ground Operations by towing a SNJ-5 during a Millville Airshow in the early 2000s.