Craig Perleberg Jr

Demo Team Project Officer

Craig is our Lead Jet Team Project Officer who manages all aspects of the Support Manuals for the major jet teams, parachute teams, and single ship tactical demonstrations. A USAF Veteran, Craig brings years of knowledge to our company and is the liaison for the teams during their stay at out events. He is the first on site and last to leave when a demonstration team is at the Airshow.

Craig has worked with the USN Blue Angels, USAF Thunderbird, Canadian Snowbirds, and RAF Red Arrows. He is well known by each demonstration team and is well respected. He has worked with numerous bases around North America to acquire the necessary ground support equipment needed to fully support the demonstration teams.

Craig also handles the necessary Support Manual paperwork requirements for the single ship tactical demonstration teams, parachute teams, and the major military Jet Demonstration Teams. He reviews all documentation prior to submittal to the demo teams for accuracy thus keeping the teams updated to all matters related to the Air show.

Craig Perleberg Jr. parking Blue Angel 7 during the arrival at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in May 2022

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